MDC Museum of Art + Design

People attending a MOAD exhibition

Q & A , Nine Contemporary Cuban Artists, 2016

MDC Museum of Art + Design (MOA+D) is Miami Dade College's flagship institution dedicated to the presentation and exhibition of visual art and design, housed within the National Historic Landmark Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College in Downtown Miami. MDC MOA+D provides its patrons and visitors access to unique cultural, historical and educational exhibitions that enrich the greater community while building and preserving an expansive permanent art collection, Freedom Tower archives, and newly established design collection.

The mission of MDC MOA+D is to encourage the appreciation and understanding of visual aesthetics through direct engagement with original works of art and design, and serves as a catalyst for the cultivation of creative dialog and diverse perspectives through the arts. While building and preserving its collections in trust for future generations, the Museum is an accessible educational resource for students and faculty as well as the greater South Florida Community.

MDC MOA+D is one of the most accessible institutions in South Florida with the ability to reach diverse audiences and where encounters with great works of art, design and culture happen around every corner.Support MDC MOA+D and the Historic Freedom Tower by becoming a Member , make a special connection preserving history and help keep the Museum FREE for all visitors.