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Moad Home Page Banner Where The Oceans Meet May 26th through September 29th 2019 The Speculation Machine

Where the Oceans Meet is an exhibition of modern art, contemporary art, and archival material, that resonates with the pioneering thought of two Caribbean writers, Lydia Cabrera and Édouard Glissant. The forty artists and collectives in the exhibition consider notions of shifting and porous borders—geographic, national, cultural, social, racial, ethnic, and linguistic—and how crossing borders has shaped our world.

The exhibition is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Asad Raza, Gabriela Rangel, and Rina Carvajal.

A City of the People is a series of public programs that explore what it means to exist in, and as, an urban community. As part of MOAD’s “Museum Without Boundaries” initiative, it is comprised of literary performances, film screenings, scholarly discussions, and participatory art pieces that take place in neighborhoods throughout Miami.

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