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Employer Information Session

Connect with talent! Share your organization’s culture, interview process, and career paths with MDC students and alumni.

Post a Job or Internship

Get exposure! Add your open positions to MDC’s job board.

Attend a Hiring Event

Hire a shark! Recruit MDC students and graduates on all eight campuses at industry-specific Career Fair events.

On-campus Interviews

Come on campus and host your interviews in our state of the art career studio facility at the Wolfson Campus.

Create an Internship Program

Create a pipeline of talent to fill your hiring needs.

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Build an Internship Program

Create a Talent Pipeline

Types of Internships

Require faculty approval and are mandatory for some academic programs. To receive credit, students must complete at least 144 hours in one semester.

Don’t require faculty approval. Students are encouraged to participate in non-credit internships to gain valuable work experience.

Interns receive at least the federal minimum wage for the services they provide within the “for-profit” or private sector, plus overtime.

Interns receive educational benefit only and understand that they’re not entitled to wages or a job.

Internship Seasons

Internships should coincide with Miami Dade College’s academic calendar:

  • Fall: August - December (16-weeks)
  • Spring: January - May (16-weeks)
  • Summer: May - August (12-weeks)
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MDC Internship Overview

Internship Process

  1. Create a Handshake profile or login into Handshake (if you already have an account)
  2. Post a comprehensive job description of each internship position desired to be filled (see sample)
  3. Provide a defined start/end date and compensation (if applicable


Employer Responsibilities

  • Provide interns with company policies and procedures on their first day
  • Provide on-site supervision, training, and mentorship
  • Onboard interns with the tools and information they need to become productive members of the organization
  • Evaluate the intern twice throughout the process
  • Designate a Site Supervisor
  • Complete and Submit the Intern Performance Review
  • Complete and Submit Employer Satisfaction Survey




Host an Intern

Host an Intern through the Internship Course through the Bachelor of Applied Science in Business program in the areas of Human Resources, Supervision and Management, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Tourism. For more information click on the links to the documents below. Contact MDC WORKS Career Studio for more information.