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Eleonora Fabiao, An Encounter at the New World School of the Arts

Eleonora Fabiao, An Encounter at the New World School of the Arts

Latitude: 25° 46' N, Longitude: 80° 11' W. Moon 62% illuminated

Thursday, January 25th, 2018
7:30 PM- 9:00 PM

New World School of the Arts
25 NE 2nd Street
Building 5, second Floor, Room 5217


Eleonora Fabião will present a lecture-performance about her practice at the New World School of the Arts. Born in Brazil in 1968, Eleonora Fabião is an artist and theorist who has performed actions in the streets since 2008. In 2011, she received the Arts in the Streets Award from the Brazilian National Foundation of the Arts and in 2014 the Rumos Itaú Cultural Grant that resulted in the publication of the book AÇÕES/ACTIONS. Fabião is a professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in the Theater Directing Undergraduate Program and the Arts of the Scene Graduate Program, where she chairs the artistic experimentation wing. Fabião is interested in the poetics and ethics of the strange, of the encounter, of precariousness. She considers the street actions as forms of knowledge and thought, and understands concepts and theories as sources of energy to keep investigating and inventing city, art, university, and writing. Her performance work has taken place in several venues including as part of Performa 15 in New York in 2015, and at the Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica and the Museu Bispo do Rosário, both in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.